ePageView™ Full Service

Digital Publishing Solution

by Aglaia Software Inc.


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Do you have shopping cart on your website?

Bring Commerce To Your Catalog!

Connect and integrate your existing shopping cart to your catalog.
This helps your client to shop while viewing catalog without leaving it.

in-catalog purchase

View & Buy Anywhere, Anytime!

This does not end to online experience on your desktop/laptop computers; with ePageView Commerce plus Mobile (iPad / iPhone / Android) APP, your clients can view the catalog and buy on the go!

in-catalog purchase - mobile app
Allows your viewers to shop directly from your digital catalog/magazine without the needs to navigate to a new webpage or go search for a desired product seen in catalog.
Invites shoppers to discover, deepens their engagement with your products — and inspires them to buy.
Advances online merchandising and commerce from a traditional search-and-purchase model to a more profitable strategy of discovery and inspiration.