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Digital publishing software - Branding!

Branding & Customization!

Using epageview digital publishing solution you have the ability to create digital editions with your unique customization. You can easily create YOUR OWN STYLES and you also have numerous options to customize the look of your publication to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers:

  • - Custom Logo & Background Image.
  • - Toolbar & Footer Color, and Button Graphics.
  • - Colored Bookmarks & Customized Page Numbering.
  • and many more.

Our team is ready to work with you to create your own special
online browsing experience.


Give your readers easy access to past issues.

Cover of previous issues will be displayed in a side bar. Click on desired cover to view the corresponding digital edition.

It's easy and automatic.

archive feature


ePageView’s unique search algorithms and indexing methods enable quick and easy online searching.

Readers can easily perform full text searches in a single edition or entire publication archive.

The search results will be highlighted in each page of your digital edition.

search feature for your digital publication


If you think you can only put tabs on printed books, think again!

With our bookmark feature, your readers can add tabs on their flipbook to bookmark their favorite pages. You can also categorize your digital publication by adding permanent bookmarks without it looking cluttered.
Try it now!

bookmark feature

Sticky Notes

Create sticky notes anywhere on a page and view them when you come back to read your digital edition.

You can easily edit or delete your sticky notes at anytime you desire.

sticky notes feature

Share with your friend

Have the power to email and talk about your favorite flipbook directly on ePageView!

With our Share feature, you can either email the flipbook you're reading to a friend, as well as post it on HUNDREDS of social networking sites! Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr anyone?

We are here to help you build an immersive, engaging and branded digital publication.



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share feature

HTML 5.0 Mobile Viewer

Utilizing HTML5 technology, ePageView mobile viewer increases reach of your digital publications and delivers Optimized, Rich media content, and a better reading experience on all mobile devices.

HTML 5.0 view-ability means that all your digital editions will be viewable on the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, and more.

Your audience will be able to click on your digital publication, and regardless of their platform/device, they will be able to load, browse, and enjoy your dynamic content. The ePageView™ HTML 5.0 Enhanced Delivery System includes all these great features:

  • Powerful Imaging
  • Search
  • Video, Audio, and Link Support
  • Print
  • Sharing
  • Download to PDF
  • and so much more


Aglaia enables you to publish offline version of your digital editions for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Both have the full features available and your readers can access and view your digital editions offline at any time they desire.

You can easily create a CD/DVD or USB with your digital editions to distribute at trade shows or hand to your customers.


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offline version for you digital publication

Crop. then Share, Print, or Download!

If you find a piece of a page of digital edition interesting you can cut it using the “Crop feature” and share it with a friend using the “Share feature”.

ePageView integrates easily and fully with all existing social media channels seamlessly. You can email cropped section, entire page or the entire digital edition of your interest to a friend or you can easily print/download cropped section.




crop feature

Crystal Clear Vector ZOOM

Bearing in mind that picture and print contain various small and tiny details.

ePageView’s advanced zoom technology provides you with the clearest digital publication on any computer screen and mobile devices. With this advanced zoom technology your digital publication text and pictures will always remain crisp and sharp for easy reading and viewing.

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crystal clear vector zoom

Mini Flipper

Change the way you send and post flipbooks with our cool miniflipper!

When your readers see this tiny attention-grabber, you know they're in for a wonderful flipbook surprise!


Branch out to your international readers with our translate feature. Powered by Google Translate, just click on the Translate button, select a language you prefer and PRESTO! Awesomeness in another language

translate digital publication