ePageView™ Full Service

Digital Publishing Solution

by Aglaia Software Inc.

How epageview service solution works in 3 easy steps

1 upload PDF

With our trusted service, digital publishing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Send us your PDF with embedded hyperlinks and we'll convert it for you!
With our quick turnaround time, you can expect to receive your flipbook right away!
create digital catalog

2 customize & publish

Our flipbook viewer has the most eye-catching features out in the market.
You can customize the colors and look of the toolbar & buttons, and even add your own background image! With ePageView, you can tailor your flipbook to the colors you have for your brand and website.
You can also mask your flipbook's URL and place your own logo and branding, as well as create an archive section of your previous flipbooks.
Oh and did we mention you can add large amounts of rich media and animation? Check out all these awesome features.
Branding & customization - Digital Catalog software

3 Share & Track

Once you have the link to your digital publication, you can begin sending it out to your readers, whether it be through your website, or mass emailing solutions.
Feel free to use our Share feature so you can post about it on HUNDREDS of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more!
You can also monitor the activity of your flipbook using our Analytics tracking service, which helps you measure the result of your marketing campaigns and endeavors through digital publishing.
This will enable you to view detailed reports on the number of pageviews and visitors of your digital publication, from which country, city, browser, etc. It also tracks which external links have been clicked on and how many times your flipbook was downloaded, printed and searched. Pretty neat huh?
publish & share - Digital publishing software